Kansas City Tourist Information

The vision that the city of Kansas brings to the mind to an art lover can turn orgasmic when they reach the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Regarded as one of the best art museums in not only the US, it is also one of the best in the world for it houses some of the greatest works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol to name a few. Kansas also has displayed some fantastic work by contemporary artists at the Museum of Contemporary art. But it's not just art that the Kansas City boasts of when it comes to museums. Kansas is also a haven for museums that showcase some of the best toys and antique dolls which one can transport even a adult into the dreamy world of playthings that children have amused themselves with over the ages at the Toy and Miniature museum. For music lovers and those keen on learning about Jazz and its impact on Missouri during the golden era, the best jaunt has to be toward the American Jazz Museum.

But for those who would like to explore the beauty of the resplendent boulevards that the city is most sought out for, the Powell gardens offer the most breathtaking variety of flowers and plants. The myriad blossoms preserved in the botanical gardens of these gardens feast the eyes to the beauty of nature in all its glory. While one is at it further ahead of these gardens, toward the east of Kansas after 20 minutes drive is a quaint little town burgeoning with American history. The Victorian architecture transports one in those times when soda shops were a joint where political discussions took place and beer was as cheap as water. The grandparents of the Harry South Truman, the late president of USA have lent open their farmhouse to public with guided tours to explain the life and times of the great President Truman.

Apart from these sightseeing places that a tourist visiting Kansas City can experience, the cowboy experience is something that brings romantic imagery of macho men with pistols controlling unruly horses across the backdrop of Kansas. With the year 2011 being commemorative of the city's 150 prestigious years of statehood, the city has been gearing up fervently to welcome visitors to showcase their wonderful cowboy culture. Thus the golden hued landscapes and heritage will be the highlight of adventure trails in the sesquincesstial celebrations being held in Kansas City. This has to surely be something that will make guests of the state taste the authentic flavor of the Sunflower state as it is commonly referred to.

The guests will be made to experience red -rocked buttes across their ecologically precious wetlands to the warm welcoming communities of the city. Shopping for the local handicrafts and souvenirs can be ever so delightful if it is done in the downtown of a historic city of Kansas. The Hay's historic Chestnut street district is the perfect backdrop for a jaunt and a marvelous place to hang your hat if only for a while.